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Tixxy Launches as Live Music Returns

Tixxy is now live for music fans eager to get back in the loop as live music returns. The Cincinnati-based start up is partnering with a range of companies providing fans with live experiences, all aimed at one thing: To fill the house with eager music lovers.

"We're excited to bring Tixxy to music fans right at a key moment, when they may be even more likely than previously to miss a show," explains founder and CEO Eron Bucciarelli. "We all want to get out again and listen to live music. Tixxy is a privacy focused, non-intrusive way to keep track of events in your town."

And the next year promises to be full of exciting shows: Live Nation has reportedly booked twice as many concerts in 2022 as in 2019, according to Rolling Stone. Tixxy will take all these live dates from partners and major ticketing companies like Ticketmaster and send music lovers a quick text when a band they might listen to is coming to town. Bands and their teams pay nothing to get the word out. Fans can click through and buy a ticket, right then and there. Venues and promoters can offer their fans a new way to find out about events without additional promo costs. No more missed shows, and no annoying data mining or endless, non-relevant notifications. Users can sign up in seconds here.