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Tixxy, a predictive concert recommendation service that delivers alerts by text, so fans never miss a show and artists play to more people. CEO and founder Eron Bucciarelli was a platinum-selling musician with the band Hawthorne Heights, an excited startup founder with Soundstr, and most recently a technical product innovation leader at ...

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Anna Barnett

Tixxy Partners with Direct-to-Fan Ticketing Platform Lyte

Concert recommender app Tixxy is announcing a partnership with event commerce platform Lyte to help venues reach fans directly.

Tixxy, a concert announcement service that sends SMS messages to hopeful showgoers when their favorite artists announce sales for local and virtual shows, is launching a partnership with Lyte, a technology platform that has reimagined ecommerce for live events by enabling fans to reserve, return and exchange tickets through its proprietary reservations system. Lyte's fan and industry-friendly solutions have been utilized by hundreds of major events worldwide, festivals and artists including Newport Folk Festival and tours with the likes of Mumford & Sons and Wilco. 

Both Tixxy and Lyte aim to make performing easier for all of those involved in producing live music experiences. Formerly of platinum-selling band Hawthorne Heights, Tixxy founder Eron Bucciarelli knows well how hard it can be to spread the word to fans in time for them to make it to a show in their area. “We’d get messages from fans asking when we were coming to a city we had just played,” he remembers of his touring days. “It was so frustrating.” By sending targeted text messages, Tixxy makes sure its users know when their favorite artists are coming to town as soon as tickets go on sale.

By helping its partners sell straight to fans, Lyte keeps the control and the benefits in the event rightsholder’s hands, passing savings and security onto the fans as well. “Lyte reimagines the ecommerce experience for live events,” notes Craig Snyder, Director of Business Development at Lyte. “With Tixxy, we will reach more fans and get more of them into the events we partner with.”

Together, Tixxy and Lyte offer music fans quick access to the shows that matter to them, especially important as brick-and-mortar venues start to reopen and the livestream world, richer than ever, continues to thrive.

About Lyte:

Lyte is a reservations technology platform that has reimagined e-commerce for artists, venues and fans. In an industry where the standard is “no refunds,” and concert-goers have to compete with robots and brokers for the tickets they want, Lyte's mission is to fill every seat with real tickets at fair prices and make the entire experience delightful and simple. 

Lyte’s technology has delivered millions of dollars in savings by enabling fans to reserve, return and exchange tickets through its proprietary risk-free reservations system that top live entertainment brands are also now using to confront the uncertainty created by the pandemic. Lyte’s industry-friendly solutions have been utilized by festivals, major tours with the likes of Mumford & Sons and Wilco, and recently featured in Rolling Stone and Billboard.