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Tixxy, a predictive concert recommendation service that delivers alerts by text, so fans never miss a show and artists play to more people. CEO and founder Eron Bucciarelli was a platinum-selling musician with the band Hawthorne Heights, an excited startup founder with Soundstr, and most recently a technical product innovation leader at ...

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Anna Barnett

Tixxy Announces Partnerships with Livestream Platforms Veeps and Mandolin

Newly-launched Tixxy is announcing partnerships with livestream platforms Veeps and Mandolin, that promise to keep music fans connected to their favorite artists in real and virtual spaces.

New predictive concert recommendation service Tixxy ( doesn’t mine users’ data or force them to make space for yet another app. Instead, users sign up for free with their Spotify or Apple Music accounts so that Tixxy can send text messages letting them know when their favorite artists are performing nearby. Founded by tech innovator and former Hawthorne Heights drummer Eron Bucciarelli, Tixxy makes it easy for showgoers to stay in the know about shows as soon as they’re announced, while sending text messages instead of push notifications drastically increases the likelihood that they will read announcements. “SMS marketing is almost ten times as effective as notifications,” notes Bucciarelli. “We don’t send people irrelevant messages. We want to establish trust with users.”

With Veeps and Mandolin as new partners, Tixxy can now also let users know about a variety of upcoming virtual events. Veeps offers a streamlined platform for hosting ticketed livestreams, featuring thousands of new and well-established artists - from Young M.A and Eyedress to Rufus Wainwright and Norah Jones - playing live from living rooms, studios, and major venues everywhere. Mandolin, voted best livestreaming platform by Pollstar, offers one-of-a-kind hybrid concert, VIP, and fan experiences; helping artists, venues and festivals, like #iVoted, Telluride Bluegrass Festival and Lil Wayne’s UPROAR Hip-Hop Festival, prosper by deepening connections with their fans via new avenues and data only available through digital engagement. 

The last year of cancelled live shows has forced artists and entrepreneurs to work together in finding creative new ways to cater to long-distance fans. “Artists need to rebuild connections,” says Bucciarelli. “They’ll need to make sure fans feel safe and excited at shows.” And now, Tixxy users will know as soon as the artists they love schedule shows of every kind, whether out in their local world or right on their own devices.

Mary Kay Huse, CEO of Mandolin, said, “We’re excited to partner with Tixxy to make sure that all of the events on Mandolin – from livestream concerts to digital meet and greets, on-demand playbacks, and more – reach fans as easily as possible.”